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The 8 Limbs of Yoga as Observed by a Student | by Meredith Schneider
18 April 2017

People often focus on yoga as just another exercise class they can take at their gym or local yoga studio. Though no one can force you to take your practice in a direction that makes you uncomfortable, we can observe some of the philosophy …


What Yoga is, and Could be for You | by Meredith Schneider
04 April 2017

When you think of yoga, what pops up in your mind? If you have been thinking of trying yoga, there's more you need to know before you start. If you have never considered yoga, think again!


Yin Yoga: Holding Poses for Strength | by Meredith Schneider
28 March 2017

Yin Yoga is a style of class in which poses are held from 3 to 5 minutes in order to deepen the benefits of each pose. Stacy Parker answers some questions relating to her Yin Yoga practice.


How Yoga Changed My Intention to Succeed | by Meredith Schneider
04 March 2017

Meredith Schneider thought yoga could be that key trick to finally losing weight. Instead, yoga lead her to change her perspective on her goal. Yoga teaches us to focus on our intentions and why we aim to achieve them.


Next Stop: Mommy and Me Yoga! | by Meredith Schneider
29 December 2016

Green Locus Yoga offers a series class known as Mommy and Me! This yoga class is taken with mother and her baby under twelve months in age. The benefits of this class series are its effects on the mind, body and bond between mother and chil…