Wellness in the Workplace Corporate Yoga Programs

If you've been tasked to come up with wellness program ideas, you're not alone. More and more, companies are trying to help manage their employee stress levels and give them extra perks by creating a wellness initiative within the office. We're here to help make that process. Green Locus offers corporate wellness programs for employers within the Tampa Bay Area. Our Wellness in the Workplace brings Green Locus to your office to help your employees feel better, manage stress, and be more productive. Instead of trying to map the process on your own, let Green Locus help you come up with a creative plan that fits within your budget.

Menu of services

Our main focus is corporate yoga but we offer all of the following in our corporate wellness program.CompenyWellnessIdeas

  • Corporate Yoga Class

  • Lunch and Learns for Healthy Well-Being with a Group Health Coach

  • Organic Co-Ops Drop Off Locations

  • Chair massages

  • Wellness Days

To get started, simply call us (813)444-8394 or fill our information form and we will schedule a convenient time to talk about a customized program.



Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the yoga  classes take place?

That is completely up to the business. We have done yoga classes outside, in conference rooms, in hallways, we really just need some empty space.

What types of yoga classes do you offer?

We can offer a wide range of yoga classes from vinyasa flow, power, restorative, and so on. However, we do find most workplaces prefer slower gentler classes for beginners or classes that reduce stress. We can also offer meditation classes.

How long does it take to start a Yoga Wellness Program?

It can take anywhere between 2-4 weeks. We like to schedule time to sit with the organizer to create a customized plan for your office.  We encourage 4 weeks to help get the word out about the yoga classes.

How will my employees know about the program?

We will provide a PDF to distribute at the office. We also encourage employers to notify employees through email or have one yoga class just for management to help get the word out,

What are the rates for corporate yoga?

Our price varies depending on how many sessions are purchased. Contact us for more details.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer discounts for classes in purchased in series or as package. Certain non-profits may also be eligible for discounts.

When do we pay?

We require a 50% deposit to secure your plan and the remainder to be paid at the start of the program.

Can we charge our employees?

Yes, you are also welcome to charge your employees. Some employers in the past have charged their employees nominal amount as fundraising classes. However, we do not manage the collection of funds. We bill direct to the employer.



Are you insured?

Yes, our insurance allows for on and off-site events.

Do you have waivers?

Yes, we have waivers for Green Locus and include organizations that we work with,