Tips when choosing a yoga teacher training

Congratulations on wanting to become a yoga instructor or simply wanting to learn more about yoga. When choosing a yoga teacher training program, the task can be daunting. There are so many amazing programs, most with a substantial cost, and it can be hard to make a decision to determine what yoga training program is right for you. We have compiled a few tips to help you decide.

Yoga Alliance

Yoga Alliance is an organization most yoga teachers and studio owners have a love hate relationship with. Some would call it a necessary evil. To make things perfectly clear, you do not need to be “certified through the Yoga Alliance” to teach yoga There are some 200 or 300 hour yoga teacher training programs that are not approved through Yoga Alliance that are amazing. However, carefully investigate your program to see if it is a 200 hour approved yoga teacher program or if the program has good credentials. Most yoga studios and other programs will want to make sure you received a certificate from either an approved school or reputable program with at least 200 hours.


Yoga teacher trainings are expensive and the likelihood of paying off your teacher training in your first year is not likely unless you teach a lot of yoga classes each week. However, that is common for almost any degree or certification in any profession. Going for the cheapest yoga teacher training program may not be in your best interest if the content is not good. However, going for the most expensive may not be the best option for content either. Expensive programs may incur additional costs such as advertising, larger overhead, and more staff which will increase the price. Find something within your budget for your 200 hour and you can always get additional training once you have found your authentic style of teaching. Look for content of the training, testimonials, and what their past students are doing. Read external reviews if you can find any but be mindful some people just like to complain so do a full search. Talk to graduates of the program personally and see if it is worth the cost of the program

Determine why you want to go to teacher training

Teacher training programs are all different. Some yoga teacher trainings have a focus on yoga therapy, Ashtanga, hot yoga, hatha yoga, and so on. Look inwards before you look out. Think about why you why to teach yoga and find a program that meets your needs. If you are not sure, that’s okay too. Find a yoga teacher training program that is more balanced.

Schedule and attendance policy

This should be fairly obvious but check the schedule and make sure you can make arrangements if you miss a session. The Yoga Alliance has a strict schedule and some programs are more accommodating than others for their final certificates. Look at your own schedule too and make sure you have the time to complete a yoga teacher training.


If you are going on an immersion, disregard this portion However, if you are doing your teacher training at a yoga studio make sure you go to the studio a few times. Most studios have a vibe or personality and it attracts that type of person. Go and make sure you feel good going there. Teacher training programs have a tendency to get people to open up and look within which is a good thing but it's hard to do if you do not feel like you can connect with your fellow yoga teacher trainees.


There are a lot of immersions in international locations which everyone thinks is really exotic. However, most yoga teacher training programs are long hours and lots of work with minimal days off.  If you are planning on doing an immersion to see another country make sure you get a daily schedule to see if you can actually do other things. It may not be possible which means you may need to tack on time before or afterwards if you want to see the country and incorporate that into your cost.

We hope these tips help! If you have any questions on the Green Locus Yoga Teacher Training programs, please do not hesitate to contact us!


About Melissa Leger

After serving in the United States Army and having a successful career in finance, Melissa began to feel how the pressures work and other attachments were negatively affecting her life. After beginning to feel more detached from her own life, she found yoga was a way to stay present and avoid letting negative thoughts get out of control. She began teaching yoga in 2012.

Melissa also owns Ignite Your Bliss, a yoga and creative outlet retreat company that takes participants all over the world. She can be followed on Instagram @IgniteYourBliss


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