Tips for Practicing Prenatal Yoga

There are many women who come to yoga through their pregnancy through prenatal yoga. There are many benefits of prenatal yoga that not only ease the pregnancy but make the labor process more manageable. Benefits of prenatal yoga include: strengthening muscles that support pregnancy and the labor process, learning how to control the breath, taking time to connect with their new baby, learning relaxation techniques that can be used during and after pregnancy, and finally connecting with other new moms in the neighborhood.

Below are some tips to help new moms practice yoga wherever they are at in the pregnancy.

  • Keep all joints soft, especially in the 3rd trimester when relaxin is present in higher concentration.

  • Take a wider stance to promote stability

  • Keep knees over toes in squats and stability.

  • Never strain for a pose

  • If inversions are in currently in their practice they should be done at the wall due to shifting center of gravity. If they are not currently practicing inversions, wait until after the pregnancy.

Check out future blog posts for tips depending on where soon to be moms are in their pregnancy.

Prenatal Yoga is offered every Wednesday a at Green Locus Yoga, a yoga studio based in Tampa in the Westchase neighborhood.Information from this blog post was utilized from Kim Denham Yoga, Kim Denham is a yoga instructor at Green Locus and can also be found at Kim Denham Yoga. Green Locus Yoga also offers Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training.

About Melissa Leger

After serving in the United States Army and having a successful career in finance, Melissa began to feel how the pressures work and other attachments were negatively affecting her life. After beginning to feel more detached from her own life, she found yoga was a way to stay present and avoid letting negative thoughts get out of control. She began teaching yoga in 2012.

Melissa also owns Ignite Your Bliss, a yoga and creative outlet retreat company that takes participants all over the world. She can be followed on Instagram @IgniteYourBliss


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