Rekindle your relationship with the touch of Partner Yoga

The word Yoga means “union”. In traditional yoga classes we connect with our inner self to enhance our state of being physically, mentally and spiritually. In partner yoga we obtain the same benefits, and add touch. Classes are designed with simple poses that you and your partner experience together. You assist each other into poses with touch and create fun, intimate moments. Partner yoga doesn't just have to be practiced by couples in a relationship, but can also be enjoyed by friends, families, or even strangers. Here are some benefits that partner yoga can offer:

1. Partner yoga allows you to experience the power of touch.

In partner yoga there is a lot of touching. You are touching and being touched to assist each other in poses. It is a give and take effort to create a pose, providing a balanced and equal benefit for both people involved. Using body weight and touch adds leverage to assists, which deepens poses with less effort. Physically and mentally connecting to each other to experience poses builds compassion and intimacy. What’s sexier than that?

2. Partner yoga builds trust

Partner yoga not only enhances self-awareness but also builds trust between each other. Both people need to show up for one another and be fully present to create each pose, maintain alignment, and keep balanced. We learn to let go of everything around, connect with our partner and enjoy the present moment. This is true off the mat as well. Life is much more enjoyable when we are connected, fully present and feel supported by others.

3. Partner yoga creates a sense of balance

We all know that life can get busy, and unfortunately those closest to us take the brunt of our stress. Partner yoga creates shared moments of working together both physically and emotionally. Equal giving, taking and sharing is experienced. We are given the opportunity to connect to each other, be in the present and not take life too seriously. It's just yoga practice after all. There is no perfect pose, no ridged rules or stern faces. It’s all about learning to let go and have fun!

Partner yoga has so much to offer for couples, friends or families. So take a chance, open your heart, unite with each other and experience the benefits of partner yoga with one another. You won't be disappointed.


About Lauren Bhullar

Lauren is a Registered Nurse currently working with cancer patients in the ICU.

Being an RN, she has always had an interest in health and wellness, which has naturally led her to yoga. Her love for yoga and the positive impact it had on her as a runner impelled her to earn her 200hr RYT with Yoga Alliance so she could share yoga's benefits with others.

She teaches weekly classes at the Green Locus and found a niche in  teaching private yoga to athletes. 

You can follow Lauren at 


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