Next Stop: Mommy and Me Yoga!

Ever wanted to start taking yoga but thought your newborn baby was a valid excuse to say no? Too bad for you, but BOTH you and your baby are invited to yoga now!

But seriously, mommy and me yoga is a great opportunity! Mommy and me yoga is a style of class that incorporates both you and your baby under 12-months old into a safe environment full of fun and fellow mom-baby duos! Whether a regular yogi or yoga newcomer, mommy and me yoga is a great excuse for mom to leave the house without needing a babysitter.

Mommy and me yoga classes target moms of young infants to help them and their baby focus on: their mental well-being, their physical bodies, and the bond between mother and child. Yoga is a great medium these pairs can use to spend time together, whether with specific goals in mind or to just have fun!


Our first thoughts of yoga may make us strictly think of the physicality of the practice: strength and flexibility. A strong body is important, but a healthy mind outweighs yoga strength training.

Mothers, especially new mothers, need time to themselves to relax and center. With a newborn, moms may be overwhelmed by feeding schedules, restless sleepers and endless diaper changes. When someone has to deal with post-pregnancy hormones, lack of proper sleep and a new family member, emotions may be hard to ground.

Yoga allows for that opportunity for the mom’s mind to wander where it needs to go, for her to collect herself and follow their inner voice for guidance. It is easy for our anxiety to run wild when we never get the chance to address it head-on! With so much always going on, when do we ever get time to analyze what we want, what we need and how to achieve it.

But mama is not the only one who needs to reach a calm state of mind. Mommy and me yoga is able to help babies become less fussy and regulate their sleeping. Yoga is not a guarantee, and a mommy and me yoga will have fussy babies, but these classes often result in baby relaxation long-term.


With our focus found, our thoughts open and our minds free, the body is next to follow. Pregnancy taking physical tolls on the mother is the understatement of the century, but yoga can help that recovery along! Mommy and me classes tend to focus on poses to help along the lower back and pelvic floors.

Yoga can also focus on areas that need relief due to a new lifestyle created by our bundle of joy, such as the back or feet. Yoga moms also do not need to fear being new to the yoga scene, as a mommy and me class is great for newcomers and regulars all the same!

Once again though, we forget the “and me” portion of mommy and me yoga. Little yoga babies benefit greatly from their mommy assisted yoga poses. As mentioned before, yoga can help to improve sleep for the baby, but can also help with their digestion as well.

Though we may think a baby is not going to do hardcore yoga poses, as they cannot even walk yet in these classes, the reward is still there. Both mommy and baby work on their flexibility and support each other as they practice.


From the moment her baby is placed in her arms, the bonding process begins, right? Well, maybe sooner as the baby lives in their mother for several months, but that is beside the point!
The fact of the matter is, it may be hard for an overworked mother to bond and pay attention to her baby when all she can think of is what she needs to do next. Babies are hard work, and mommies may be unable to take a moment to just be with their child without worrying about her next task.

Mommy and me yoga classes allow the mom to work on herself without leaving her baby at home. Unlike post-natal yoga classes that really focus on the recovery needed post-birth, mommy and me says to focus on that but bring your baby too!

For a short amount of time, all the deadlines disappear, as it is just baby and mommy working on their yoga together, supported by their classmates who can relate to their position.
Mommy and me yoga classes even ends with savasana (corpse pose), with a baby included! Savasana is time for yogis to recover and absorb the benefits of their past hour’s practice. Now add your baby, and the two of you relax and reflect together! Who doesn’t want an excuse to simply lay around with your child?


Time is passing us by as we wonder of what might have been had we just taken the time to do whatever it is we tend to regret. I am not saying a life without ever taking a mommy and me class is one of regret, but our children tend to grow up in the blink of an eye.

If you have been debating on starting yoga and keep pushing it off, or just want an excuse to get out of the house, why not take the plunge into mommy and me yoga? It could be the start of a lifelong shared hobby between you and your baby, or it could just be an hour of fun every now and then.

Mommy and me yoga grants us the opportunity to work on our mental state, our physical state, and our love and bond between mother and child. With such a short window of opportunity, it is a unique experience to partake in with your child that you can always remember!

Green Locus Yoga offers Mommy and Me Yoga series classes. Check out our UPCOMING EVENTS PAGE for details!


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Meredith Schneider is a senior Mass Communications Public Relations major at The University of South Florida. Currently, she is interning with Green Locus Yoga, where Meredith gets to combine her love for writing with her love of yoga! You can follow Meredith on Twitter.


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