Food as Medicine

Hi there, you may not see my picture’s very often on the website. My name is Genesis and my mom owns the studio. Today I wanted to speak to you about food as medicine. I know what you are thinking, “She’s just a dog and eats dog food, that’s not the same”, but please hear me out.

For years my mom was constantly taking me to the doctor because my skin was itchy and I had ear infections. I hated going there, everyone was really nice but I always got stuck with needles because I was sick. They said I had allergies. Then they gave mom a bunch of pills and shampoos to give me. I’d feel better for a little bit but then a few months or weeks later I’d be back again. Nobody wanted to pet me because I got smelly even a day or two after a bath. My joints were beginning to hurt and I felt sleepy all the time. It was too much energy to greet mom at the door when she came home. I felt bad because I could hear mom crying. She knew I was sick, she kept taking me to the doctor and nothing was helping me she said it was getting really expensive. Sometimes she wondered if she could afford the care I needed to be healthy.

The last time I went to the doctor they gave her a piece of paper with more products to buy to change my diet until I got better. The dog food was really expensive but my mom noticed the last bullet point said to make sure the dog food didn’t have any grains. Mom realized it was cheaper to make my food than to buy high end dog food. She started making my brother’s and my food. At first she was just giving us meat, that helped a lot! My skin stopped itching so much but it was still dry. Then she started at vegetables they don’t hurt my belly and tasty oils. This tasted good! I started getting dandruff for a few weeks but mom said this was normal, the bad stuff was dying off and coming out of my body as fast as it knew how. In a few weeks my dandruff was gone and I felt like I was 4 again! My ears stopped hurting from infections and I wasn’t smelly anymore. I might be old but I have a lot more energy and my joints aren’t slow anymore. I can even greet mom at the door again!

So my point is even though I’m a dog, food became my medicine. Instead of eating whatever was in the dog food, mom learned what was good for my body and made sure I was eating it. It took her awhile and she had to read some articles to get the hang of it but now it’s just a part of life. My food is just a little more expensive than before but she said she’s not spending money on all my doctor bills anymore. I know I’m just a dog but maybe that what makes it simple. I don’t have excuses or any other reason that I got cured because mom was only giving me good things in my body.


About Genesis Leger

Genesis is a mature shar-peri and enjoy eating, sleeping, drooling, and going for slow walks in the grass.


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