5 reasons not to attend a yoga teacher training

Many of us have heard about the benefits of attending a yoga teacher training: career changes, stress relief, a better understanding of self, realization of the true meaning of yoga. However, there are so many reasons not to go to a training. Below we’ve listed the top 5 reasons of why prospective students choose not to attend. Note: most of the people attend up getting over the excuses but just wait until they can finally get over their own obstacles.

I can’t afford yoga teacher training

It can be a lot to part with a few thousand dollars to attend yoga teacher training after all. However, most yoga studios will offer payment plans and discounts for participants who register early. For our studio, the earlier they register for our yoga teacher training program, the sooner they can start their automatic payment over the course of a year, decreasing the immediate financial impact.

I don’t think I’m good enough to teach

For yoga teacher training programs that comply with the Yoga Alliance standards, most of the training is not about how flexible you are, how strong your are, or if you can get into headstand. To get your certificate from a 200 hour program, there is no requirement to be thin, flexible, or strong. Most trainings focus more on the philosophy, alignment, breath, and other aspects. So if you’re not joining because you are waiting to “get good”, getting good happens in yoga teacher training when you have the opportunity about the 8 limbs of yoga.

I don’t know if I want to teach

Neither do half of the participants taking the program. Students apply for yoga teacher training programs for a variety of reasons. Some want to teach, some want to deepen their practice, others are working on some personal issues, while others aren’t sure they just want to attend. All of the reasons are okay. It’s not a competition to see who can get the best yoga teacher job,  it’s an individual journey.

I have a full time job

That’s great, joining a yoga teacher training program isn’t going to take away from your other job. Find a program or schedule that’s flexible to your needs so you can attend. It may take longer to complete but there is a program available to you if you do some research and plan ahead,

I don’t know what to expect

For students who go in with expectations for a yoga teacher program, most are surprised in one way or another. Joining a yoga teacher training program is life changing for everyone but for many different reasons. When participating in a program simply attend and engage with an open heart and an open mind and let the yoga do the work!


About Melissa Leger

After serving in the United States Army and having a successful career in finance, Melissa began to feel how the pressures work and other attachments were negatively affecting her life. After beginning to feel more detached from her own life, she found yoga was a way to stay present and avoid letting negative thoughts get out of control. She began teaching yoga in 2012.

Melissa also owns Ignite Your Bliss, a yoga and creative outlet retreat company that takes participants all over the world. She can be followed on Instagram @IgniteYourBliss



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